Chicago’s Craziest Nightlife

by Kelly on October 27, 2016


Photo by Kevin Dooley, Flickr Creative Commons Photo by Kevin Dooley, Flickr Creative Commons

A Reputation Since Prohibition

Quick: what do you think of when the word “bootlegger” is put before you? You probably think of gangster hats, Tommy guns, and crazy, fun, bustling nightlife in a free atmosphere replete with flapper girls and zoot-suit sporting wunderkinds smoking furiously. You think of Chicago’s nightlife.

What a reputation this nightlife has! Since the era of prohibition, Chicago’s reputation as a place to find excitement and adventure in the small hours of the morning has been historically established. While you probably won’t stumble into the kind of Al Capone elegance of yesteryear today, you can still find some pretty swanky clubs to hit up during your stay in the windy city.

Eight Of The City’s Top Dance Parties

The Chicagoist lists eight exceptional opportunities to hit the dance floor and throw caution to the wind. Three of these options are entirely free, and include Soul Summit at Double Door, Living on Video at Neo, and Burly.

Burly is short for “The Burlington”, which is located at 3425 W. Fullerton Avenue. Double Door is at 1572 N. Milwaukee Ave., and you’ve got to go on Facebook for Neo to get the password. It’s at 2350 N. Clark St., but you can only get in free prior eleven.

Things To Do In The Day

The Navy Pier is a beautiful area with a 150-foot ferris wheel and put-put golf, among other things like boating tours and sightseeing expeditions. Because of this area’s high quotient of tourists, there are quite a few hotels in close proximity, and it makes plenty of sense.

There are a lot of good reasons to search out Chicago hotels near Navy Pier; according to “You’ll find great live music at Green Mill, amazing urban architecture at Millennium Park, and a whole universe to discover at Adler Planetarium.” All these areas are within walking distance of Navy Pier—though be sure you dress to fit the season!

Chicago gets brutally cold starting in November, and stays that way through early March/April. But the summers are generally very temperate. While a few hot days may make their way through the winding thoroughfares, in general you can expect temperatures in the low seventies. You may need a jacket in the evening, but during the day you’ll be perfectly comfortable.

Other Discoveries

Chicago has a shifting political landscape that has come under media scrutiny recently. While it can be a lot of fun to branch out on your own of an evening and see what adventures await, you’re going to want to avoid certain areas in this historic metropolis.

Top on this list is West Englewood, followed by Englewood, Riverdale, Auburn Gresham, Fuller Park, Gage Park, Chicago Lawn, West Garfield Park, Grand Crossing, and Chatham. For reasons behind this list, check

A wise thing to do before you book your hotel in Chicago is to check its proximity to these areas, as well as other hotels’ proximity. Then you’re going to want to book accordingly. That said, if you avoid areas which have accrued reputation like this, you should remain relatively safe.

The most fun aspect of any city is getting free of established tourist morays and discovering what natural experiences you can discover. To this end, Chicago is a cornucopia of infinite delight. In order to fully capitalize on this urban wonderland, you’re going to want to do your homework before you go.

One Last Tip

Avoid driving where you can. Your vehicle probably won’t get broken into; but then again, it might. You will pay tolls, you will have difficulty parking, you will encounter ubiquitous traffic, and you will lose your temper at least one time if you decide to navigate the streets in your own vehicle. Instead, park outside of town and take the train in, or leave your vehicle at the hotel and use public transit.

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