10 Reasons to Visit Canada for Your Next Vacation

by Kelly on October 8, 2017


Visitors love Canada for its mountains, laid-back cities, and outdoor lifestyle. Each season gives a different vibe, and no two places are the same in the second largest country in the world. Thousands of islands surround the coastline, some are habitable and others not, as the landmass stretches from the mild south to the tundra in the north. Canada has something to suit every traveler’s needs and price range from the pretty Whistler vacation rentals to the budget hotels in Ottawa. If you’re not convinced, read these reasons that to see why Canada should be your next destination.

1# Canada is One of the Most Livable Countries in the World:

Everything you could ever dream is in Canada. Mountains, natural beauty, and endless stretches of wilderness should be enough to entice any visitor. And then combine this with the friendly, charismatic, and modern cities, the country becomes perfect. Canada has it all.

2# The Cities are Smaller:

Anyone who travels to the United States or major cities in Europe will know how vast, sprawling, and uninspiring they can sometimes be. There aren’t many things worse than rush hour traffic in LA or worrying about the safety levels in the suburbs of Chicago. Canada is different. The cities tend to be smaller, more walkable and are very safe. Visiting places like Montreal or Quebec gives visitors a better travel experience while maintaining the amenities of a larger city.

3# The Natural Beauty:

Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies, and several national parks call Canada Home. Few places in the world offer such diverse landscapes and wonders within the borders of one country. Hiking trails are in abundance, you have various opportunities for camping, and the scenic drives are among the most beautiful in the world.


4# The Great Outdoors:

With all the natural beauty mentioned above, it should come as no surprise that Canadians love the great outdoors. In the summer, locals will hike through the mountains or follow the trails in search of wildlife. Lakes and rivers are ideal places for fishing or kayaking, with some of the rapids making perfect spots for white water rafting. And as the season’s change, the color of the endless trees change from green to yellow, orange, and auburn. Winter snow then covers the ground with a thick blanket of white which in turn attracts skiers and snowboarders to the mountains.

5# Whistler is in Canada:

Every skiing fan in North America is probably familiar with Whistler, in British Columbia. After hosting the Winter Olympics in 2010, skiers from around the globe come to enjoy the slopes and pistes. The village is nestled between both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains and is a perfect spot for a winter vacation. Snow falls and covers the roofs of the houses, and you could be sitting in this winter wonderland next to a log fire with a glass of wine or mug of hot chocolate. Families from the around North America rate this as one of their favorite places to take a vacation.

6# You Can See Dinosaur Fossils:

Did you know that Canada has one of the most abundant dinosaur sites in the world? The Dinosaur Provincial Park to the east of Calgary in Alberta has no less than 500 fossils and specimens. Archeologists discovered a total of 58 different species of dinosaur at the site, some of the skeletons are on display.

7# Canadian Food is Epic:

Multiculturalism in Canada drives a range of cuisines and specialities that you can find around the country. Expect Chinese and Greek food to be readily available in the cities. And if you’re looking for a more sophisticated culinary experience, high-end French cuisine and Michelin Star restaurants are here too. You can find almost any kind of meal or dish you could dream of in Canada.

8# Canada has a Surprisingly Rich History:

Compared to Europe, Canada isn’t ancient and doesn’t have a rich history. Or so it would seem if you just look at the surface. Canada only gained its independence in 1867, but this doesn’t mean it’s not appealing for history buffs.

The First Nation People, native Canadians, lived on the land for centuries and their culture and traditions still live on today. The government is actively trying to preserve their heritage giving tourists a chance to learn and experience the pre-Western civilization in North America. Both the British and French-ruled part of the country bringing their culture along with them too. Winding cobblestone roads and cathedrals that wouldn’t look out of place in Paris are around some of the cities in Canada.

9# Canadians are Friendly:

One of the national stereotypes of Canada is that the people are some of the most helpful and friendliest in the world. Most are always happy to help, and some would even make an effort to show you around their town or city. Locals in the bars or cafes are usually up for a chat, and you can expect world-class service in the restaurants. You’re never far away from making a new friend in Canada.

10# The Northern Lights:

Seeing the Northern Lights is on the bucket list of many travelers around the world. There’s nothing more magical than watching the colorful aurora borealis dance around the clear sky. The northern parts of the country are some of the best places to observe this natural phenomenon.

Canada is Awesome Because:

There are so many different reasons that make Canada a great place to visit. Friendly locals, a variety of cuisines, and Whistler make it a great place to visit.

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