What are the World’s Best Raves?

by Kelly on January 29, 2015

Preparing for the rave experience

A little planning can help ensure that you have the most fun possible at a rave. Here are some essentials for the ultimate rave experience.

Ibiza, Spain

With a large selection of nightclubs and raves, combined with the natural beauty of the island, it is no wonder that more and more party vacationers are choosing to go to the beautiful island of Ibiza. Try going to the west side of the island and enjoying a rave in a cave near the beach for an experience unlike any other.

Remember that raves are a place to let loose. Don’t be afraid to experiment with far-out fashions and styles that you wouldn’t wear anywhere else. Rave wear is available in a wide variety of sizes and styles at www.lingeriediva.com. You will want to be sure to pack extra so that you can look your best for the whole of your vacation.

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

With beautiful blue waters, a vibrant young party scene, and host to world famous DJs, Nissi Beach is the place to be. Make sure you don’t try to pack too much into a day or two at this popular location. It is a busy and lively scene that you will want to take your time to enjoy. Be sure to get a beachfront room for easy access to all the action, not to mention an absolutely stunning view.

Lima, Peru

Make sure you check out Rebel Rave, a huge concert that often features top acts. On your downtime there is so much to enjoy in Lima that you will want to be sure to plan a longer trip. Low-cost drinks make Lima a great place to let loose.

Berlin, Germany

With long hours, parties at Berlin clubs can go on for a very long time. Enjoy the best beers while dancing the night away. Germany is a destination that can be enjoyed year-round but for those seeking some sun, the warmest months are June, July and August. Berghain is one of Berlin’s best clubs but make sure you dress your best because it can be a bit exclusive. Your efforts will be well worth the investment.

Being safe

A water bottle is an essential item to take with you to a rave. When you are dancing for hours it is very important to stay hydrated. Consuming alcohol increases your risk of dehydration, so you should up your water intake accordingly. Try to go to a rave with a friend and have a way of communicating with them. Make sure you turn your cellphone to vibrate because you are not likely to be able to hear a ringtone over the loud music.

Having fun

Remember that the whole point of being at one of the world’s best raves is to have the time of your life while enjoying the music and beautiful scenery. Don’t miss out. Plan your vacation and start picturing your rave adventure today!


Going on long-haul flights can be downright boring. Yes, there may be entertainment options provided for you by the airline, but even the movies, music and games get dry after a while. You don’t always get something you actually like. And if you’re a frequent traveller on business, you’ve probably seen it, heard it, and played it. Think about making your flights more interesting by getting corporate travel specialists like FCm Travel Solutions to plan things for your group, including making requests for all your flight preferences. In the meantime, why not go back to basics when it comes to entertaining yourself?

1. Read

When was the last time you read a good book? For some, there’s nothing like purchasing a crisp new book before a trip. Make sure the book is about something that interests you, or is by an author whose work you’ve enjoyed in the past – you don’t want to discover it’s a yawn-fest. If you prefer, take a book that you’ve already started and can’t wait to read more. If one book isn’t enough, an e-reader is for you! You can switch from one novel to another when you need a break. If you fully charge it, you’ll get 8,000 page turns out of it, so you can read to your heart’s content! If you’re a lighter reader, you can always grab some magazines from the airport newsagent – at least you can pick and choose what you read from each magazine.

2. Listen to Music, Podcasts or Audiobooks

Music is ideal for when you need to drown out that distracting chatter around you, or the screams of unruly kids! There may be some music as part of the inflight entertainment, but it may not be what you like. Come prepared. Load up your iPod with your favourites, maybe some new music too, pop on your noise-cancelling headphones, and relax (or dance in your seat depending on what you’re listening to!). Consider downloading some podcasts before your trip too. Many of them are free. You may want to listen to podcasts featuring guides for where you’re going, or podcasts that teach a language –you can brush up on the languages of your destination. If you prefer to rest your eyes, an audiobook is a great alternative to actually reading a book!

3. Games

Firstly, electronic. Nintendo DS and PSP are the obvious portable choices. Games designed for a few hours play are great. The hours will disappear. Make sure your consoles are fully charged. But when you don’t want to worry about charging your gaming devices, there’s something to be said about playing good ol’ fashioned games. Card decks don’t take up much room in your luggage, and it’s fun to play card games with your companions. Some games are available in travel-size, like Scrabble, Cluedo and Monopoly – all fun classics, and some even come with magnetic boards with storage compartments. No losing pieces!

Now you’re all set to pass the time away on your next long-haul flight! In the age of digital inflight entertainment, it’s easy to forget the activities that used to keep travellers occupied. What’s great are the classic options that have evolved to suit our modern lifestyles. There are still plenty of other ways to entertain yourself on a flight. Can you think of anything else?


Experiencing Turkey

by Kelly on September 22, 2014

A mix of ethnicities make Turkey a culturally interesting destination that entices its visitors from across the globe to visit. They don’t sell themselves short either. With a plethora of unique, baffling, stunning, and even bizarre places and towns, Turkey will be sure to satisfy any travel itch that may need scratching. Here are just a few of the top places that better be on your itinerary.


Feel humble as you enter one of the oldest cities on earth. Ruled under the Seljuk Dynasty in the 12th and 13th centuries this large city located in the Anatolia Region will delight you with its beautiful architecture. The Seljuk Palace and Alaeddin Mosque are two of its must see buildings. The structures are admirable and remarkable.


The Mediterranean Coastline has no shortage of breathtaking spots along its coasts, and Antalya is no exception. Beautiful beaches along a shoreline that’s dotted with authentic restaurants, fun bars, and plenty of resorts. The mountains that flank the side provide a fantastic scene, and as you walk around, take in the greenery around you and keep an eye out for the ancient ruins.

Mount Nemrut

This is where Turkey shows its funky side off, without giving up its beauty. Hike to the top of this mountain and be reward with one of the most magical sunrises that possibly exists. After getting your energy from the golden rays, walk around and explore the odd ancient heads that are scattered about. Statues and rock heads from 62 BC were put here by King Antiochus and have since toppled and decorate the top of this mountain haphazardly.


A winter wonderland that is actually not what it looks like. Despite the icy look, these terraces are made of travertine and are created by the sedimentary rocks that flow here in the highly mineralized hot spring. The white terraces have been bathed in for years and the tradition keeps on. There are nearby ruins, temples, baths, and Greek monuments to wander around as well.


Your Thomas Cook flights will land you in many destinations, but some may not be as impressive as Istanbul. With its rich culture, diverse East meets West characteristics, and being one of the largest cities in the world, this is the top destination to visit in Turkey. The Hagia Sofia, a basilica turned mosque, traces back to the 6th century. It’s one of the highlights to experience while here as well as the Blue Mosque. Adorned in thousands of blue tiles, this building is nothing short of magnificent.


This is the most incredible history lesson of your life. This is one of the largest old Roman Empire cities as well as the beholder of the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The archaeologically impressive site of Ephesus is on of the most popular attractions in the country. No surprises here. The remarkable Temple of Hadrian, the stunning Celsus Library, and a huge theater are a few more of the incredible sites to be seen here.


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